Free Fall

Street Dreams Graffiti

Walk to the edge of your universe. Turn around. Raise your arms to the side. Jump. Let yourself free fall, let yourself go.

That’s what I did on Saturday. It was a day of love and play. No agenda and no plan. My only commitments were to open hearts and curious intellects. My only goals were to become a child again by delighting in the smallest joys and to experience more in a day than I had in a week.
I explored an unfamiliar neighborhood, right outside the edges of my comfort zone. I let it make me feel a little uncomfortable and lost. Then, I let go. I indulged with no plan. There was no predetermined path and nothing to check off a list. My goal was to simply wonder; to find beauty in unexpected places, to speak to people I would normally rush past and to listen with an open mind. I ended up walking across not only Manhattan but also a multitude of universes.
The artist I met said he didn’t allow photography, but gave me the exception. He used our encounter to overcome a fear and there we were, two aliens suddenly part of each other’s journeys. Another gentleman talked about the street as a museum and the importance of presenting art in public spaces. I sought beauty in unexpected places as I imbibed the sunny day dream around me. The light, oh the light that caressed the world that afternoon. I learnt about the significance of a day with no plans and no agenda. How much living can be done when we surrender into the mysterious.
Wonder with open eyes, a patient ear and a big heart. Experiment, let go, escape and become a child in a playground again. Free fall.

Railing Texture
Metallic Textures

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