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in passionate pursuit of a meaningful life

Elon Musk talks about ‘the light of consciousness.’ Abraham Maslow called the transcendence of consciousness, self-actualization. Some call it the journey to your highest self or your best life. We have all felt a force within us that seems greater than ourselves. It’s been called called the Holy Spirit, the soul, divine nature, spirit and consciousness. Whether you’re religiously, spiritually or scientifically inclined, all definitions are welcome at Veneka.Me.
All of nature and the cosmos is in a state of constant evolution. Universes burst forth and collapse, life on Earth is constantly improving and adapting its design. Veneka.Me is based on the belief that the purpose of our lives is to progress the evolution of our consciousness for the benefit of our collective. It springs forth from the notion that mindful growth fosters stronger relationships, excellence, meaningful work and great potential. The progression of individual and collective consciousness is the goal. Veneka.Me aims to serve as a portal to be inspired, dream, learn, grow compassion and improve the self in passionate pursuit of a meaning life.
I’ve lived in India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the United States. Veneka is a name from the Shona language of Zimbabwe. Veneka means to illuminate, inspire and transcend. It’s also a name given to a creative master builder. It is an apt name for this project, which hopes to transcend consciousness while empowering individuals to become creative master builders of our collective human potential.



noun, a given name

1. to illuminate, inspire, transcend

2. a creative and idealistic master builder with great potential