An Ode To My 20s

My 20s were a decade of uninhibited wanderlust and growth. I turned 30 yesterday and truly feel as though everything is in its right place. All the pieces of my life are either formulated or poised exactly as they should be. I feel ready for the next decade.
I want to yell ‘thank you’ from every corner of this Earth. I’m so grateful for the people, places, experiences and underlying grace that has guided me through my 20s. I’m thankful for everything that happened and didn’t happen.
I feel as if I’m living off borrowed luck because it’s unfathomable to me that one girl can be so lucky in one lifetime. There have been many fatal near-misses, from nasty falls on mountain tops to spinal injuries. There were countless moments where I steered severely off path but was led back. A force of grace has continuously acted like a traffic signal during my life, guiding me left or right and showing me the exit signs.
Looking back, I realize that the threads of life that seem random at the moment are not disconnected at all. Life sends signals and if one pays attention to them, an internal compass is formed. Silencing the noise and the ego brings out an inner voice that has already solved the puzzle. Gratitude, openness and spirituality help give direction.
My 20s made me very rich, not materially but experientially. From trekking mountains to sky diving and choreographing performances, my 20s had no shortage of experiences. The last decade was abundant in priceless lessons too. These are ten things I’m grateful for in my 20s, one blessing to represent each year.


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The college years were filled with learning, adventure and self discovery. I learnt about creativity, marketing, culture, discipline and work ethic



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In my early 20s, I was taught the principles of creativity and their expression through art. I fell madly and wholly in love with art and photography, two great joys in my life



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I’ve had the luxury of carefree days and nights. I discovered how to seize the moment and live every day to its fullest



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Being a student of dance and a performer taught me about living a life aligned with a higher purpose. It taught me what pure, uninhibited joy feels like. My stint as a professional choreographer and dancer is a highlight of this decade



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My nomadic childhood continued on to my 20s where I lived in four different cities. I let ideas, work and purpose fuel my life choices, not geography. I explored new countries and cultures, and continued to be a global citizen



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I found serenity and peace in nature. Particularly, trekking through the Himalayas and Rockies balanced my mind and spirit. I gained a new love for our planet and appreciation for the natural order of life



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I reveled in intellectual wanderlust. I explored philosophies, religions, people and ideas that shaped my heart and mind. From existentialism to Hinduism, my insatiable appetite for perspective led me to humanity’s most thought-provoking concepts



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Nutrition, meditation, journaling, mindfulness and an overall understanding of holistic health have been blessings. Without these lessons, I couldn’t begin to dream of happiness



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I am exorbitantly blessed because of the family, friends and mentors in my life. I feel confident going into the next decade because I have people in my life who will guide me and catch me when I fall. My loved ones are the riches in my life



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Life’s ups and downs have taught me to accept myself, including my many flaws. This feeling of contentedness and oneness is bliss. The understanding that everything is in its right place, trumps all pressure and regret. I’m grateful for this state of flow and acceptance


  • Jas
    July 11, 2015

    Hi, First and foremost congratulations on embracing the 30s. I just stumbled upon your instagram page which lead me to come here and read your post. I have to say it is seldom I see people acknowledging their lives and being thankful for the things they have or rather don’t. It was refreshing to read something so positive. A great start to my sunday! Kudos! You rock girl!

    • shivikasinha
      July 21, 2015

      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and sharing such kind words. So glad you enjoyed the post. We all have so much to be thankful for in our lives and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many experiences I’ve been blessed with. I love your blog and your instagram too!

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